Happenings + Events

Our events are a time for students and young adults to come together and relax with others who share our faith. Anyone is welcome to come out and join us for a few minutes or a couple hours, whatever your schedule allows. And as a bonus most of our events are accompanied by a hot meal.


Weekly and monthly events cycle through a handful of core activities with other special events occurring throughout the year. For an up-to-date schedule of events take a look at our weekly newsletter.

Dinner and Discussion
This is a time where we explore different passages of the Bible while enjoying a home cooked meal and fellowship with friends. We alternate between reading the Sunday readings and discussing broader topics highlighted by current events. Either way, an engaging conversation is always key and something new is always learned. Students are invited to bring their own Bible but we have plenty to share if you don't have your own.

Theology on Tap
Theology on Tap is meant to be a relaxed experience and so there are no strict rules for how a gathering has to go. Put simply, Theology on Tap is an opportunity to gather in a public space (a restaurant, pub, bar, etc.), around food and drinks, to discuss a wide range of topics relating to faith, spirituality, theology and daily life. Suggestions are welcome, any issue can be put on the table and talked about. There is a place for you, your thoughts, your questions—it’s all welcome here!

Sunday Brunch
Once a month we visit a local restaurant to meet with other young adults from numerous churches throughout the Philadelphia region. All are invited, students and non-students alike. If you have any suggestions or would like for your congregation to join us for the first time please contact Pastor Fritz.